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Research Study

This is an invitation to participate in a research study.  As a Doctorate Candidate in the Doctor of Management program at the Colorado Technical University, I am currently conducting research under the supervision of Professor Dr. Forsyth on the adoption of social software in organizations and the effect of communication structure on adoption rates.  

Study Overview

     A social intranet provides the platform for communication, information sharing and learning for all employees.  Finding better methods and tools for internal communication is essential for ensuring employees engagement.  The purpose of this study is to learn how organizational factors impact adoption rates of social software, with a view to providing some insights about how the implementation of social media can be improved.
      The research is carried using survey as a main instrument. The survey link is 
I also interview internal community managers or people responsible for implementing social software in organizations about the process of social software adoption.  
Your Involvement
      If you agree to participate, you may fill out the survey online or contact me ( to schedule an interview. I will follow up with you to review any questions or concerns you may have about the study and your role.
Your name and the name of your organization will not appear in the dissertation or publications resulting from this study unless you express consent to be identified.  The survey does not collect any personal data. All data that will be collected during the study will be stored in a secure electronic database. After the data have been analyzed, you will receive a copy of the executive summary.  If you would be interested in greater detail, an electronic copy (e.g., PDF) of the entire dissertation can be made available to you.
Contact Information
     If you have any questions regarding this study, or would like additional information about participation, please contact me at 1 913 832 0274 or by email or or You can also contact my supervisor Professor Dr. Bryan Forsyth, Ph.D. by e-mail
I assure you that this study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the Colorado Technical University Institutional Research Board.  However, the final decision to participate is yours.  If you have any comments or concerns resulting from you participation in this study, please contact Colorado Technical University – Doctoral Programs at 719-598-0200.
Thank you in advance for your interest and assistance with this research.

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