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        I am a doctoral candidate (Doctor of Management in Emerging Media) and I would like to share my passion and research topic. I was always interested in how people learn, collect and analyze information, and share knowledge.  I was freshly out of college when I began providing continuing education programs for librarians in the Tver region with 1500 libraries (half of them were public libraries). 
         I wasn’t aware back then of the concept of communities of practice (Wenger & Lave, 1998) and the theory of situational learning. (Greeno, 1989; Brown, Collins, & Duguid, 1989, lave & Wenger, 1991). I knew about social learning (Vygotsky). Intuitively, my colleagues and I wanted to support the workplace learning by connecting librarians and giving them the platform to share their tacit knowledge. There was no Internet in public libraries, so we published and distributed “best practices”, facilitated librarians’ meetings by districts and visited their libraries.
The Internet brought new communication and knowledge management tools and some people who worked in professional development realized its potential values immediately. Yet, some were slow to adopt and implement them. Even while social communication technology or social media (SM) have been around for some time and deeply penetrated our society, some organizational managers still think about the tools as playground toys with no relevance to professional development. organizational innovations or employee engagement. Others consider social media as a destruction that stimulate gossips and ruin reputations. Some managers ban using SM by employees, hesitant to offer or build social intranet that support the content creation by employees.  
         My research is focused on the role of social media or new media in internal communication, knowledge exchange and learning.

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