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  • Virtual Communities of Practice

Communities of practice
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Social communication technologies in organizations
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  • Educational Technology

Educational Technology Research and Development
International Journal of Computer- Supported Collaborative Learning (Springer, Peer-Reviewed, JIF 3.459, APA)
International Journal of Computer- Supported Collaborative Learning (Springer, Peer-Reviewed, JIF 3.459, APA)
Journal of Educational Technology & Society

  • Computer Science
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (WILEY-BLACKWELL, Peer-Reviwed, JIF 4,100)
Journal of Digital Media Management (peer-reviewed, professional)
Computers in human behavior 
Information Processing and management

  • Organizational Communication

International Journal of Business Communication
International journal of virtual communities and social networking
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (Taylor & Francis Inc., Peer-Reviewed, JIF 0,579  , Chicago Manual of Style)
Journal of Organizational and end user computing (IGI Global,  JIF 0,759)
New Media and Society (Sage Pub, Peer-Reviewed, JIF, 4,180) 
Management Communication Quarterly

  • Knowledge Management
International journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations (IGI Global)
Journal of knowledge management

ASTD International Conference & Exposition
The International Conference on E-learning in the Workplace
Organizations & Associations:
 ASTD is the leading association for workforce learning professionals

Communities of practice (ASTD)
Connected Action

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EtienneWenger web site
Step two design Intranet Consulting company
Prescient Digital Media Consulting company
Social Media

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